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Dave + Karin: 06.28.2015 (Hope Glen Farm)

What a beautiful venue Dave and Karin picked for their wedding! It was our first visit to Hope Glen Farm and there were so many textured locations to shoot. Dave and Karin were up for whatever really, but my favorites might be the plantation / senior portraits we took on the stone wall before the ceremony. Multiple photobombs by Emily were a very close second.:)

Rain interrupted the party for a bit, but allowed for a gorgeous ceremony in the pavilion. And then the party was on… horseshoes, goats, our new photo booth, Bob’s toast/roast & ribbon wand/tambourine/cowbell extravaganza, “Ballroom Blitz” by Todd, a sparkler tunnel departure, teenage sober cabs, and a pretty incredible party on a gorgeous Minnesota summer Sunday night.

Perhaps what I love most about being a photographer is having a “backstage pass” to document people’s lives. Add into the mix being able to capture such a good friend throughout all the highs and lows of life, and it becomes a pretty awesome responsibility and privilege. After photographing 250+ weddings, Dave and Karin set the new and untouchable record for the longest applause after the wedding pronouncement. It seemed like almost a full 3 minutes, and was a testament to how you live your lives. Thanks for being such awesome people, and allowing us all to witness your wedding day! -Judd and Josh

Links: Facebook Album, Link to order prints or download all images (contact Dave and Karin for the password)Hope Glen Farm, Judd Sather Photography

Carol - July 18, 2015 - 1:11 PM

Gets me teary all over again. What beautiful reminders of a happy,happy day!

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Carl + Devyn: 06.27.2015 (Trellis and The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to view and download all images (Contact Devyn for the password), Trellis, The Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

What an amazing day! I called Devyn a couple days before the wedding and told her about a massive boat party that was going to be out on the St. Croix and asked her if she would be up for it and she was! I knew Carl would be up for it, ha, so we got our drone helicopter out and got some crazy footage – watch the video!

Devyn brought two glasses of Champagne for the first glance after popping the champagne (see video), and then we got the famous “girls on a path” shot! I was in love with the texture and variety of the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry. And this wedding also marked the first time Loft cups made it to the head table! So proud to have color changers mixed into the awesome decor. And Devyn had a pair of cool comfy shoes for the reception – super smart move.:)

This was just such a fun blur of a day and I love the images of Devyn and Carl in the water after the boat ride. You have got to love a couple that will roll up their pants, take off their shoes, go for a boat ride, and just be up for anything on their wedding day! Thanks guys for letting us be a part of your day, and your closing shot is my favorite closing shot that we have ever taken!! – Judd, Josh, and Bill (Chopper guy)

Gerry engel - July 9, 2015 - 6:24 PM


jsather - July 13, 2015 - 8:07 AM

Thanks Gerry!!

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Joseph + Nicole: 05.15.2015 (Stillwater Library and The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album, See/Order/Download All Images Here (Contact Nicole for password), Judd Sather Photography

Venues: Stillwater Public Library, The Loft at Studio J

What a whirlwind day! My favorite part of the day was the 45-minute break we took with the wedding party on the patio at the Water Street Inn. It was a gorgeous cloudy day with the river being absolute glass, and we had just finished taking the stunning image of Nicole and Joseph in the gazebo. We were way ahead of schedule so we all had a chance to sit in the sun and just take in the awesome day. Of course then we realized it was 4:15 and the game was on again!

Nicole had some many awesome details planned that it took a small army to coordinate all the movements of the day. Here is a list of the incredible attention to detail: Colten’s custom bro/sis cuff links, surprise gifts for each other, light-up “LOVE” sign, “Mint to be” sign, blanket shield, little kid pictures on chairs at ceremony, Nicole’s bedazzled purple shoes from a garage sale, custom locket, McKenna’s custom kerchief, live music first dance, custom watermelon with a golf ball for Joe and volleyball for Nicole from Marna’s, and probably 25 other details I didn’t mention…

When we were in the gazebo, Nicole was talking about how heavy her dress from Posh was, but we got the shot of her holding it to the side – good thing you are ripped, Nicole! Many of the bridesmaids were 6-foot volleyball players so I had to wear my tall boots so it didn’t look like I was shooting in the redwoods haha.:)To calm Nicole’s nerves a bit I put “Jock Jams” on for the reveal of her dress to her bridesmaids and that is some of my favorite video we have ever taken! We just love that kind of spontaneous randomness, but more than that I love shooting couples who are totally into each other and that was the case with Joe and Nicole today! They had a hard time being serious because they always make each other light up.

On their plane ride to Mexico, they were on flight 5-15 and they were in row 15. Now that is some cosmic karma for sure for a 5-15-15 wedding – congrats you two and it was so awesome shooting with you today! -Judd and Josh

Slideshow plus video!

Some of our favorite images:


Nicholle - May 25, 2015 - 11:03 AM

Such a great day with a couple of EXTREMELY fun and talented photographers. Judd and Josh – you guys are outstanding! Thanks for going above and beyond for my bestie and her man.

jsather - May 25, 2015 - 11:38 AM

Ah Nikki – you and Todd are HILARIOUS!! So fun to meet your crew. :)

[…] what really happens behind the scenes at a wedding, so we got some “secret” footage of Joe and Nicole’s wedding, and put it together for this “tongue and cheek” video. Starring the vendors for their […]

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Andy + Joan: 05.23.2015 (Trellis and The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook (Top 150 images), All Images (Order and/or download images here and contact Joan for password), TrellisThe Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

I found my croc soulmate! Joan wore crocs for her wedding shoes – love it!!:)Andy and I did our secret bridal lift to get Joan up in the tree for their signature shot, and Josh added a sweet wood grain overlay to really give the tall tree image a little pop. Trellis is such a cool outdoor ceremony location, and this wedding wins the “Cutest crawling kid” award for easily the last decade… there was also a fun moment where I was chased around by the flower girl who had rebounded nicely from a pre-wedding wipeout!

During creative time, we took a little different route past Teddy Bear Park and found some cool doors and blossoms complete with a photo bomber. We love being photographers in Stillwater, there is literally a cool backdrop every 10 feet in this town. Andy and Joan were so chill – it was so great to have the privilege of capturing your wedding, and we will never forget the awesome boat engagement session! Check out the slideshow for some very cool video moments as well.:)-Judd and Josh

Joan Johnson - June 12, 2015 - 4:20 PM

LOVE!!! Thank you so much Judd and Josh! You are the BEST! We had the best time working with you – thank you for making our day so much fun!
Joan & Andy

jsather - July 13, 2015 - 8:06 AM

So awesome to “work” with you two!!! :)

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Storyhill Farewell Concert at The Loft at Studio J!

Storyhill is one of my favorite music groups: guitars, tight harms, and history dating back to St. Olaf in the early 90’s.  They did a “hiatus” tour last weekend and kicked it off at The Loft to a sold out crowd of 200 that included good food, drinks, photo booth, and VIP autographed pictures we took that night.  It was just such a blast reconnecting with deep friendships.  Here are a few favorite images and a video of the show we were honored to capture; I was even turning off the A/C during the quiet parts with my phone! Connor Garvey was an amazing opener as well fresh off a straight drive from Indiana – loved the “Irish” song!:)Here is a link to more images on Facebook.- Judd

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