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Cody + Megan: 02.18.2017 (The Loft at Studio J)

Heat! In February no less! I think everyone got a little hot walking around, and the ice castles were closed for the season! Still we had a ton of fun and Megan’s dad made a super cool backdrop of doors for the ceremony and this was the first wedding in awhile with a selfie stick! […]

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Connor + Rachel: 02.11.2017 (the Loft at Studio J)

Exquisite! In a word, that was Connor and Rachel’s wedding – deep teal dress, birdcage, socialite’s fur, and close family and friends. We got to visit the melting ice castles long enough to get both day and evening images in there – they turned out sooo great! And did I mention the amazing wooden bouquet […]

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Cora + Alana: 12.31.2016 (JX Venue, Stillwater)

Great Gatsby! On New Year’s Eve to boot! Cora and Alana are such sweet and eloquent souls… they were one of the first couples to book our JX Venue before construction even started. In their wedding attire, we re-created the picture we posted when they first toured JX leaning back against two windows in the […]

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Hank + Kellie: 12.14.2016 (Como Conservatory and St. Paul Hotel)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Kellie for , Judd Sather Photography, #juddsatherphotography Rice Park never looked so good – even at 7 degrees! We didn’t have much time to enjoy it with below zero windchill but Kellie and Hank still lost their winter coats for the ending spin shots! For a quaint […]

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Mike + Amy: 11.11.16 (A’Bulae and Church of the Assumption)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Mike and Amy for the password), Judd Sather Photography, #juddsather #happilyeverward Mike and Amy are the rare couple that we didn’t need to pose much at all – they were doing naturally what looks really great: lifting, kissing at the right time, not kissing at the right […]

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Stoddard + Mindy: 10.14.2016 (The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Mindy for the password), Judd Sather Photography, The Loft at Studio J, @JuddSather, #juddsatherphotography This was an amazing day with an amazingly fun group of people! The bridesmaids dresses were to die for, there was gorgeous weather, amazingly vibrant fall colors, awesome creative time in a really […]

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